The companies I’ve worked with have been as diverse as early-stage entrepreneurial partnerships and Fortune 500 Companies. For more than 30 years, across a broad spectrum of industries, I have guided many growing businesses to success and achievement. I have worked with many different organizations as a leader, mentor, analyst, and coach. In that time, I participated in the transformations of the way the world does business. My teams have been responsible for almost $10 billion in financings, mergers, and acquisitions.

Successfully working with investors is often a matter of understanding their perspective. I have been on both sides of the negotiation table, and I know what goes on behind the scenes before the meeting and after. I bring a banker’s experience to the hunt for a company’s best investors. I also know what it is like to be an executive on the other side of the table, leading the operations for a long series of ventures.

The first meeting with bankers and other investors can be a baffling experience. What did they mean? Was that a yes? When will we get a definitive response? I know the funders’ mindset and bring insight into their actions and expectations to the table. Growing businesses don’t have the time to engage in elaborate rituals only to be left waiting as the clock runs down, they need decisions and funds in the bank so that they can put plans into action.

When I work with emerging and smaller middle-market companies, I know how to help investors see their value and potential. Under my guidance, founders and leaders learn to communicate their growth potential in ways that make investors want to respond. In that role, I play a coach who helps each side interpret the subtle queues of the other, and then I motivate them to find the right outcome for both.

I have spoken on topics ranging from entrepreneurship and business transformation to privacy. I have advised the board of Visa USA, the SBA, the National Renewable Energy LAB and the UCI Institution for Innovation. I hold an MBA from Cal State and a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Northwestern University.

Today, each of us must fashion our own destiny, create our own success. The skills and beliefs that brought us here are not the ones that will enable us to take the next leap forward. We can choose to do it together.


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